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Pinetown JKA Karate Institute is a registered Japanese Karate Association (JKA) dojo based at the Cowies Hill Scout Hall, 7 Woodside Ave Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The club is open 4 nights a week and is headed by Sensei Karin Prinsloo

Karate literally means the way of the empty hand,” referring to the fact that its practitioners use no weapons to attack and defend, but only the hands, feet, and body. Through hard training and practice, karate develops not only the body but also the mind and character of students.

Pinetown JKA has deep seeded roots in traditional JKA karate as well as competition karate.

Pinetown JKA karate has constantly had provincial, national and international representation over the last 16 years with Sensei Karin at the head of the club.

Sensei Karin’s extensive career as a competitor as well as the active national competitors experience is a great asset in coaching and mentoring students to achieve in there respective areas of karate.

The JKA values perused in the club of character, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self control are values all students in the club strive to.

Children from the age of 5 normally enter the dojo for the first time and there is no age cap for anyone wishing to practice karate.

Pinteown JKA believes in paying attention to each students individual goals, teaching in smaller belt and age appropriate groups, with a team of fantastic instructors.

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