Heian Godan – (Fifth Kata)

Sensei Karin Prinsloo goes through Heian Godan is the 5th and last kata in the Heian series and has 23 counts. It is perhaps the most athletic of the Heian series and visually very exciting. This kata employs movements, techniques and concepts that challenge the skills of the karateka. The

SA JKA Championships Biggest Hits 2016

Biggest Hits Here are the biggest hits from 2016 SA JKA National Championships. This is always a well-organized prestigious event with around 3 000 entries taking place at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg. Young, old, junior and senior compete with great spirit. The Essence of SA JKA Shotokan Karate

Heian Yondan (Fourth Kata)

Heian Yondan The fourth level Heian has 27 counts and has many similarities to Heian Nidan. The kata’s primary stance is kokutsu-dachi (back stance), but students first learning this kata must also contend with the new kosa-dachi, a cross stance that is quite awkward for most karateka. H4 introduces the

Pinetown JKA Children Warm-Up

Teaching Young Children To be able to teach young children karate, the instructors will need to understand something about child development and structure the classes in such a way as to accommodate, compliment and reinforce this. A good warm up can be used to address a lot of these important

Heian Shodan (The First Kata)

Heian Shodan Heian Shodan is the first of the Heian kata and often the first kata you learn in a JKA or Shotokan dojo. Heian Shodan is accepted as the beginner kata. This video will take you through the kata one move at a time as well as illustrate bunkai

Pinetown JKA Karate Institute Video

Pinetown JKA Karate Institute is a registered Japanese Karate Association (JKA) dojo based at the Cowies Hill Scout Hall, 7 Woodside Ave Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The club is open 4 nights a week and is headed by Sensei Karin Prinsloo Karate literally means the way of the empty hand,” referring to